Seiko High School and Friendship Night

Today was our last day at Seiko High School. We were able to be in classrooms with the older students this time, so we were able to have deeper conversations with them.They seemed to enjoy our presence as much as we enjoyed theirs; whether it was sitting and learning about each of us and America or having fun with us, even having wrestling matches. 

It was hard to leave the students that we had built relationships with, however, we had the joy of seeing some of them return to our friendship night at the church.We were surprised and excited to see so many faces that we had come to know coming to our event. After a lot of brainstorming we had created a church filled with different stations, each designed to point the people who visited to Christ through worship, three circle gospel, games, and art. Everyone who walked in the door was able to hear the gospel. Tradition has a strong hold on the Japanese people, however, few are opposed to hearing about our God. 

They listened intently and asked great questions, curious about this new life we were telling them about. At the gospel station, we were asked if Heaven was real. The girls were wide eyed after our passionate response. One of our translators helped clearly communicate the gospel to them, they were nodding and looked amazed the whole time. We saw God working in BIG ways in each individual who came. Hearts were opened and seeds were planted. We are excited to see how else God will work through the Japanese people in the last few days we are here.



That the students who heard the gospel would begin topursue Christ and understand the full extent of grace that they have been given

For the VBS on Saturday: that the church will be filled with lots of people with open hearts

For strength for the LCF group as we are nearing the end of our trip


Ashley & Zeke

Cory Thomason