Pastoral counseling is a ministry that seeks to understand and improve human behavior, spiritual functioning, and relationships. Pastoral counseling is not something that is done to a person or done for a person, but instead is something that is done with a person.

Our goal in pastoral counseling is to provide spiritual/biblical guidance, self-understanding, clarification, and goal setting, as well as support, encouragement, and referral services. Pastoral counseling at Liberty Christian Fellowship is done from a Christian perspective, which means that your pastoral counselor will likely mention Biblical/Christian principles during meetings in combination with mental health principles. Prayer may also be used in the meeting. 


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Consent & Confidentiality Form

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Referral Process

Awareness of Limitations:
The pastoral counselor cannot give you what he does not possess. It would be dishonest, unethical and illegal to attempt to practice what is beyond personal training. A referral is necessary when competency and/or training levels of the pastoral counselor have been reached. To operate in a healthy manner within these guidelines, a professional network has been constructed to refer clients when necessary. Care has been taken to ensure this network is capable as well as honorable, operating with the highest standards of integrity.

When I Refer:
There are three circumstances which call for making a referral:

  1. When a lack of expertise of the pastoral counselor, or within a situation outside the scope of pastoral counseling results in the need for referral to an adequately trained resource professional.
  2. When a dual relationship exists between the counselor and counselee.
  3. When the forward momentum of the counseling has stopped and the counselee is no longer being helped.

To Whom Will You Be Referred?

  1. Networks of capable pastoral counselors have been established providing access to multiple resources.
  2. Networks of professional counselors have been established furthering the expertise and resources available.
  3. Effort will be made to recommend networks which hold the same values as this pastoral counselor.

How Do I Refer?

  1. The counselee will be made aware of potential for referral at the intake stage of counseling.
  2. The pastoral counselor is operating from the perspective of what is in the counselee’s best interest. Care is taken to communicate this.
  3. Names and contact information of the referred counselor or organization will be given to the counselee. This counselor may also call the referred professional and follow-up to make sure the appointment was kept.