Seiko High School (Day 2)

Today we all went to Seiko Gaikun High School again. The team greeted many students before attending chapel with them. It was nice seeing familiar faces there, and interacting with students on a much deeper level. The team was blessed that we had the chance to build off of the relationships we formed on Tuesday. There were many more opportunities to speak about the gospel with students while walking to our second chapel service.


Later on in the day, we had the option to participate in a kendo class. It was very eye opening to personally interact with an important aspect of Japanese culture. It’s one thing to hear about a students passions and hobbies, than to actually experience it first hand.

After the kendo class had wrapped up, the team gathered in the gymnasium with about 200 year two Japanese students. We had a designated group from the Japan team who planned different games and activities. These included, “Sharks and Minnows” and “Captains Orders”. The students were then split up into smaller groups with one American assigned to each. The challenge was to have the students ask the team members as many question as possible in five minutes.

Our time in the gymnasium eventually came to an end, and it was time for lunch. During lunch we had the opportunity to interact and eat with the students. After lunch half of us stayed at the school for another class. Some also stayed to participate in after school archery. The rest of the group began to prepare our team diner. We decided to make some burritos, straying away from our Japanese meals. We enjoyed a nice meal together, and reflected on the day. We prepared and are excited for prayer night on Friday.


We are really beginning to see relationships form. Not only among the students but also among each other and other church members. It is such a special thing to be a part of. We are pretty tired but happy to be working for others. The team diner helped us reflect on our week and rest. We are excited for the upcoming community events this week and are eager to see the way God works in them.

Prayer Requests

- That our energy is continued to be refilled and we are able to rest.

- That the students will open their hearts to us and God. We pray they will have curiosity.

- Pray for all of Japan and that they may find their hope and happiness in Jesus Christ.

- Pray for Cindy as she continues to do amazing work the Kingdom here in Japan

Kinsley Manns and Kai Breeden

Cory Thomason