And on the day when Jesus ascended into heaven, He look down on a world of immature believers and unsaved individuals and said,

“I want them to know me.”

So God called a disciple maker.

God said,

“I need someone willing to rise early in the morning, search intently in the scriptures in quiet of the predawn hours, work all day at the office, get the kids to practice and piano lessons, and then spend time on the phone with a younger believer, encouraging them in their walk with the Lord before heading off to bed, only to do it all again the next day.”

So God called a disciple maker.

“I need men and women who are strong enough to withstand the temptations of sin and the challenges of life in a broken world, yet gentle enough to extend grace to their sisters and brothers as they fumble their way forward doing the same. Women with thick skin. Men with tender hearts. Somebody to call sinners to repentance, exhort believers to righteousness, serve the church with their giftedness, and remain hungry for my glory.”

So God called a disciple maker. 

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