LCF’s global mission is to glorify God by exalting Jesus among all peoples through the multiplication and strengthening of Christ-followers and indigenous churches

At LCF, Missions is driven by one central goal: that God would be worshiped. God is on a mission to see this accomplished, and we have the privilege of partnering with Him in it. He will receive utmost glory one day when redeemed persons from every people group on the planet fall before His throne and praise Him forever. This is the end for which we are headed, so it is the fuel and the goal of missions here and now. We pray, give, go, send, and welcome because we want God to be praised by persons from all nations. 


LCF Global is directly involved financially in the following areas:


LCF has a church planting team in a 96.3% Muslim area of Western Asia, working towards planting a sister church where the Gospel has been suppressed for generations. This team is made up of 8 LCF people and their children, and we partner with them in sending them, praying for them, financially supporting them, and keeping an open line of communication between them and our local body.


LCF has been involved in ministry in Eastern Asia for two decades, working among athletes to see the Gospel infiltrate a land clouded in darkness and Gospel suppression. As more athletes have come to follow Jesus, there are now disciple-making trainings happening among nationals and multiplication is ensuing. 


LCF has a newly formed partnership with an indigenous church in the most unreached state of India. Our partnership is also with the indigenous ministry that planted the church and also has a Theo/Tech school. In this school, young leaders are taught sound Christian theology and a trade. Upon graduation, these leaders go out as church planters into the most unreached people groups of Northern India and are able to be “tent-makers” with the trade they learned and not rely solely on outside support. 


LCF has three of its own living and ministering in Japan. Work is happening to illuminate the Gospel to a people that have been without it for hundreds of years and in a country where depression and suicide rates are high. 


LCF has partnered with an indigenous church in Northern Jordan. Under the leadership of the Lead Pastor, they perform many No Place Left evangelism trainings and are active in sharing the gospel and planting churches. As LCF is a supporter of No Place Left tools and evangelistic philosophies, we partner with this church in seeing the gospel go out to largely unreached Middle East. 


LCF has a missionary in Greece working with Campus Crusades for Christ, sharing the Gospel on college campuses in Athens. In a country that identifies as 88% Christian yet is only 0.45% evangelical, evangelism and disciple-making to the young generation of this once Gospel-saturated land is imperative. 


LCF has a couple that are strategic missionary care workers and mobilizers for a missions agency. They are stationed in a central location to their work in the Middle East, Africa, and Southeastern Asia. They are also engaged in evangelism and disciple-making among the people of Kenya where they live.