CAMP BARNABAS (JULY 20-26, 2019)

Camp Barnabas is a camp that exists to provide life-changing experiences for people with physical or mental disabilities. They do this through week long summer camp experiences at their facility in Purdy, MO. Each year, LCF takes a group of students to serve at the camp for a week. For numerous current and former LCF students, serving a week at Camp Barnabas has been a life changing experience that has deepened their faith. Our prayer is that this year will be no exception. Below is the information about when we'll be going, what week we'll be serving, and how you/your student can apply to come with us.


The Application Process for the LCF Barnabas team will process as follows:

  • When your LCF Team Application is submitted, you will receive a confirmation email that will have the link for the scholarship application.  If you would like to apply for a scholarship, scholarships will be awarded and prioritized based upon the date of submission. 

  • After your Team application (and potential scholarship application) is received and reviewed, if you are selected for the team, we will send you an email for you to do two things:

    • 1. Fill out LCF’s Release of Liability and Medical Form – When doing this you will also pay your trip deposit. - Registration and payment will be due by May 31.

    • 2. Register on Camp Barnabas’s website - Due by May 31

      • The reason you need to register on Barnabas website and LCF’s website is that this is a unique trip in which Barnabas needs your information during your time on their property and for this also being an LCF sponsored team, we need your information as well. 


The cost for camp is $250. 

  • Scholarships are available if cost is a limiting factor for camp. The scholarship application will be emailed upon completion of the LCF Team Application. 

  • Also, if your family would like to help provide a scholarship for a student, please email

About Camp Barnabas

  • Dates = LCF will be going to Camp Barnabas on July 20-26

  • Roles = Barnstormer, Missionary, Cabin Parent

    • Barnstormer


      • Barnstormers have a servant’s heart and great work ethic. They keep camp in tip-top shape by prepping meals, serving food and tidying up during the week. They also play a huge role in building relationships with campers by participating in daily activities and evening themed parties. Barnstormers are lead and spiritually mentored by Summer Staff during the week.

    • Counselor

      • AGE: 16-29 YEARS OLD

      • One-on-one counselors (aka “buddies,” “helpers,” or “missionaries”) are the lifeblood of Barnabas. Counselors make up the largest percentage of our missionaries throughout the summer and are our greatest need each year. These incredible individuals put aside their own personal desires and needs to pair up with campers and unconditionally love, accept, and care for all of their needs during the week. Counselors live in the cabins with their campers and are responsible for assisting them in any way they need including experiencing all activities together. It is a challenging role, but incredibly rewarding and spiritually revealing experience. Counselors will not know their camper pairing until arrival and are asked to come willing to minister wherever called.

    • Cabin Parent

      • AGE: 29 YEARS PLUS

      • Cabin Parents (or Adult Leaders) play a vital role in supporting the missionaries and campers who come each week. Cabin Parents are assigned to a cabin, but have separate living quarters. Although this role is titled “parent,” adult leaders are encouraged to take a step back during the week and let the youth in their cabin problem solve and grow. Cabin Parents do provide essential relief as requested (assistance in camper bathing, changing, dressing or feeding). Cabin Parents also assist with kitchen duty and other fun projects as assigned. Although not required, Cabin Parents traditionally enjoy prepping for their cabin assignment by writing notes of encouragement, bringing sweet treats/goodies and other fun moral support.


Informational meetings - October 21 & November 4 - 10-11:15 AM in Room 200.

We will be holding two identical informational meetings about the Japan Trip, in which we will explain what to expect around trainings, cost, schedule, safety, etc. If your student has an interest in coming on the trip, but before committing, you’d like to know more, we’d love for you to come to one of these meetings before prayerfully making a decision in regards to applying for the trip.

Trip Information

Dates - May 28/29 to June 11/12 depending on airfare pricing
Cost - Approximately $1400
Location - We will fly directly from the US, land in Tokyo and take their bullet train from Tokyo to Fukushima City
Who - High School and College students can apply for the trip
Training - We will have training on Sunday mornings once a month for 5 months leading up to the trip


  1. To share the gospel with Japanese students.

  2. To build relationships with students and families in Japan and to encourage Japanese students to study in Kansas City and stay with families from LCF.

  3. To encourage the missionaries from LCF and throughout the world serving in Japan.

If you have any questions, please email



Who - High School Students
What - The Chicago trip is all about going deeper in relationships with other students, leaders and God. Each day we spend time growing in our faith, exploring Chicago, and relating with others. This year we will be focussing on the supremacy of Jesus in contrast to other faiths.
When - December 28-31
Cost - $200 (If your family has 2 or more students going, the trip is $150 per student. Use promo code CHICAGO50).
Priority - We are limited to a total of 50 spots due to space on our bus. We prioritize space by registration date.

Additional information - Packing list, departure/arrival times, as well as hotel information will all be sent out directly to you in November.


2019 Summer Youth Internship


The internship at LCF is designed to give young adults a chance to do ministry with our middle school and high school students.

The interns lead and facilitate youth group, bible studies, events and much more. The internship is an amazing opportunity to learn what ministry looks like and grow in your leadership skills along with your personal relationship with Christ.

For any questions, please email or

Application Process

Read the Youth Summer Intern Job Description and prayerfully complete the Summer Intern Application. Email your 1) resume and 2) typed application to


2019 Summer Camp

June 10-14, Heartland Camp

We are incredibly excited to be hosting our own summer camp in conjunction with Redeemer Fellowship. We are ecstatic to host camp with our own worship, teaching, leaders, small groups, quiet times, games, theme nights and memories that will last a lifetime! We cannot wait to spend the week investing in the lives of your Middle School and High School students as well as their friends at camp this summer!

  • Dates - June 10 - 14

  • Cost - Early registration before March 31 = $250 - April 1 = $275

  • Location - Heartland Center - 16965 NW Highway 45, Kansas City, MO 64152

  • Transportation - Heartland is only 30 minutes from Liberty; therefore we are asking families to provide their own transportation for the week.

  • Limited space - We have room to bring around 130 campers this year between LCF and Redeemer. Therefore, please register early to ensure a spot for your students and their friends. 

  • Additional information on times, theme nights, packing list, etc. will be sent directly. 



Where - Lake of the Ozarks
When - May 24-27
What - We will spend time celebrating your time in the LCF Student Ministry and helping you think about and prepare for your next season in life.
Registration Cost - $40 - All meals except while traveling to and from the Lake of the Ozark along with one dinner at the Lake will be covered. Transportation and group activities will also be covered by the $40.

Registration deadline - April 17