Jesus left his disciples with one central command. Make disciples.

In other words, share the gospel with, invest in, and train people to be followers of me. This is the quintessential task of any follower of Christ. You exist to make more disciples of Christ. At your workplace, at your school, in your neighborhood, in your home. In this sense, disciple-making should be happening all the time.

At LCF, our desire is to challenge and equip you to make disciples wherever you live and wherever you go. Speak the gospel boldly and live it out lovingly. Share with conviction and serve with compassion. We want you to be doing this on your own, in your family, with your small group.


Although disciple-making does not require a formal organization to partner with, here are a few specific partners that LCF has that we encourage you to consider involving yourself with.

No Place Left Movement


LCF is passionately involved with the No Place Left movement. No Place Left is a movement of personal evangelism—training, equipping, and encouraging a culture of evangelism. LCF has hosted No Place Left trainings and continues to train believers on how to enter into gospel conversations and share the good news that is within them.

Refuge KC


Refuge KC is an organization based in the Northeast area of Kansas City and strategically shares the gospel with, and ministers to, the large and growing refugee population. LCF has partnered with Refuge on multiple occasions to love and serve our new American neighbors. 

A2J (Anchored 2 Jesus)

A2J is a children’s church that is located in Ridgeview Elementary here in Liberty, MO. The school is located in the heart of a neighborhood here in Liberty and children from all over the neighborhood come to enjoy time hearing the good news of Jesus, singing songs, and playing games. LCF is dedicated to loving and serving the neighborhood and the children that attend. 

Crossworld ESL


Crossworld is a missions organization here in Kansas City. In 2017, they began an ESL ministry in connection with Refuge KC, that teaches English to refugees and connects the church to those that are marginalized. There are Spring and Fall semesters and LCF delights in seeing its attendees being a part of the ministry.  

Local Engagement

LCF is always looking for more opportunities to be in and of the community of Liberty, MO. Being a host site for trainings of evangelism or things like Secret Church, holding events with William Jewell College that get students and the public thinking about deep questions, and more, LCF is committed to loving, serving, and sharing the good news of Jesus with the community around it.