Informational meetings - October 21 & November 4 - 10-11:15 AM in Room 200.

We will be holding two identical informational meetings about the Japan Trip, in which we will explain what to expect around trainings, cost, schedule, safety, etc. If your student has an interest in coming on the trip, but before committing, you’d like to know more, we’d love for you to come to one of these meetings before prayerfully making a decision in regards to applying for the trip.


Trip Information

Dates - May 28/29 to June 11/12 depending on airfare pricing
Cost - Approximately $1400
Location - We will fly directly from the US, land in Tokyo and take their bullet train from Tokyo to Fukushima City
Who - High School and College students can apply for the trip
Training - We will have training on Sunday mornings once a month for 5 months leading up to the trip


  1. To share the gospel with Japanese students.

  2. To build relationships with students and families in Japan and to encourage Japanese students to study in Kansas City and stay with families from LCF.

  3. To encourage the missionaries from LCF and throughout the world serving in Japan.

If you have any questions, please email Jim@lcfliberty.org